Warranty Info

Do I need to replace my current eavestrough to install Leaf Solution?

No. Leaf Solution is designed to retro-fit on to existing eavestrough. If your eavestrough work perfectly fine but you never want to clean them again then just install Leaf Solution. Sometimes slight readjustment is needed to ensure the proper slope, but that’s about it.

What is it made of?

Leaf Solution is an all aluminum body and structural membrane with a stainless steel micro-mesh screen. Guaranteed never to rust or rot, and not effected by UV rays.

How is Leaf Solution installed?

Each panel is slipped neatly under roof shingles and attached to the gutter lip for added durability with ½ self tapping zip screws.

Can you install this product on metal, shake or flat roofs?

Yes. Leaf Solution can accommodate all roof types. A slightly different technique called a fascia mount is used for these roof types which will actually add strength to the eavestrough, and helps to protect your eavestrough from sliding snow.

What happens in the winter with ice and snow?

The ice or snow will stay on top of the Leaf Solution and not build up inside your eavestrough. It has plenty of strength to handle all the ice and snow of the Canadian winters. Will not create ice build up, but won’t eliminate it either. If you are having an ice damming problems we suggest heat cables, which can be used in combination with Leaf Solution.

Will debris not build up on top of the screen?

No. Debris will not build up on the screen, although it may sit on top from time to time. Leaves, pine needles and such may sit on the screen in certain instances just like it can on top of your roof. The micro-mesh screen is so fine it does not allow anywhere for the debris to hold on to. Also, the screen allows air behind so debris cannot stick as it dries like it could on a solid surface. With a hard rain, or any wind at all the debris will be immediately dispersed from the screen.

How much water can it handle?

Leaf Solution is designed to take as much water as a wide-open eavestrough. The three channel inseam design forces the water in to the eavestrough. The micro-mesh screen allows water to enter through the whole opening not the eavestrough. Leaf Solution does not block the majority of your eavestrough like most other systems out there.

Does Leaf Solution come in different colours?

Yes. Leaf Solution comes in 6 different colours: white, brown, clay, almond, bronze and mill. It can be matched to most standard eavestrough colours, but from the ground you can barely see the Leaf Solution anyways.

Does the system come with any guarantees?

Yes. Leaf Solution offers a 100% money-back guarantee that your eavestrough will never clog!

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